Dr. Thon

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Prospective Students


To develop a bio-mimetic system to study the cell biological and molecular pathways involved in platelet production, and produce useable numbers of clinically viable human platelets for infusion. This will be accomplished by generating a microfluidics platform that recapitulates the human bone marrow cellular environment and vasculature under physiologically relevant shear forces. Polydimethylsiloxane biochips will fully integrate megakaryocyte and platelet biology with extracellular matrix composition and stiffness, hemodynamics and microvascular geometry to study the physiological determinants of platelet formation. Culture-derived platelets will be compared to blood platelets to establish functional equivalence.

We are currently accepting applications for students and technicians interested in joining our group.

Please forward your cover letter and CV to DrJThon@gmail.com